Decluttering & organizing courses

Whether it’s a whole room or a single drawer, our online courses guide you step-by-step, turning chaos into calm, organized spaces. Ready to get things sorted the Organize & FlowTM way?

Ever wanted a magic wand for decluttering? This course is the next best thing. From tiny corners to entire rooms, let’s make clutter disappear, together.

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Turn tight spaces into tidy havens. This course will show you innovative ways to make the most out of small closets.

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Overwhelmed by heaps of paper? This mini-course is your ticket to categorizing and conquering that paper mountain, one sheet at a time.

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Learn the art of letting go. Understand and overcome your attachments to clutter, and find freedom in simplicity with this course.

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Decluttering video library

Ever wish decluttering had its own TV show? Now it does! Watch, laugh, learn, and see decluttering magic unfold. Totally binge-worthy!

[VIDEO]: TeamOrganize – How to Get Unstuck & Finally Get Organized!

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[VIDEO]: How to Organize Mail & Bills (Part 3 of 10 Paper Clutter Series)

In this video I show you how to organize mail and bills in your office or at home so you can stay on top of your incoming paperwork and documents! […]

[VIDEO]: How to Organize Files (Part 2 of 10 Paper Clutter Series)

In this video I show you two ways to organize your files and documents in your office so you can easily find what you’re looking for when you need it! […]

[VIDEO]: How to Organize Papers & Documents at Home (Part 1 of 10)

In this video I give you my top 5 tips and ideas for how to organize papers and documents at home or in your office so you can focus on […]

[VIDEO]: Closet Organization (Quick 15-Minutes!) Part 2 of 3

This is part 2 of 3 in a series of “quick organization” videos where our ONLY goal is to make the space better than it currently is!

[VIDEO]: Pantry Organization (Quick 15-Minutes!) Part 1 of 3

Did we get it all done in 15 minutes? No. Does it function better than it did? YES! Was it worth it? YES!!

The tidy times: your blog for all things organizing

From tips and tricks to heartwarming decluttering stories, our blog space is where words bring order. Join our community of readers, and who knows, you might just end up organizing afterward!

The 5 ‘Cs’ to Ask Yourself BEFORE Donating Anything

It’s hard to believe spring is almost over and we’re headed into the summer months. If you missed the ball on “spring cleaning” – have no fear, there’s still time […]

Change This ONE Thing & Get the Results You Want

If you want to see results at home, there’s something you need to do. And that’s take action! But you probably already know that… But what creates action? Simply put, […]

8 Ways We Can Be Grateful For Our Clutter

No matter how messy a home is, here are 8 ways clutter can remind us to stop and be grateful. 1. Money – At each point in time, for every […]

Are You Hiding Inside Your Messy Home?

The holiday season is a lovely time to be around people. But when the house is a mess, it’s easy to hide inside and avoid inviting guests over (or hesitate […]

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Burning questions about how we can help you get organized? We’re all ears (and answers). Check out our FAQs and let’s clear up those clutter conundrums, one question at a time.

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