Learn how to easily declutter your home (without getting stuck) so it feels calm & peaceful!


SimpLESSity® is my online video-based training program that shows you, step-by-step, HOW to declutter your home so you can eliminate overwhelm and focus on what matters most.

It includes everything you need to know, do, and understand to make progress and fast decisions on what to keep versus what to consider getting rid of.

SimpLESSity is a practical approach to making life at home MORE SIMPLE with LESS STUFF.

This program is about intentionally living with less stuff so you can enjoy a higher quality of life.

It’s also about seeing clutter as opportunities to help others in need. And while you’re helping someone else, you help yourself in return creating a win-win situation. At the same time, this program focuses on responsibly getting rid of things. I show you how to properly get rid of clutter and what to do with it all so it’s either easily sold, responsibly donated, returned, reused, recycled properly, or safely disposed to minimize the impact of sending everything straight to the landfill.

SimpLESSity gives you all of the training and tools you need to successfully declutter so life at home can be more calm!

This program is for people who:

  • Feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by the clutter and can’t get started, stay focused, or motivated.
  • Are exhausted from the ongoing maintenance of owning so much stuff and are ready to simplify.
  • Have an entire house filled with clutter that needs to be decided on.
  • Have inherited an entire home filled with stuff and need detailed resources on what to do with everything.
  • Have accumulated things for years and are ready to finally stop procrastinating and let go.
  • Have come to the realization that “less is more” and are ready to lighten their load.
  • Are buying duplicates of items because they can’t find things.
  • Can’t focus at home because of clutter.
  • Are tired of losing things and wasting time and energy.
  • Are tired of arguing over clutter with their spouse/kids at home.
  • Feel embarrassed to have company over or when guests show up unexpectedly.
  • Want to learn from a professional organizing expert to avoid making common mistakes, but can’t afford the hourly rate of hiring someone to come to their home.
  • Have tried to declutter in the past but quickly gave up.
  • Have a desire to learn how to responsibly declutter their home but don’t want to sit for hours researching the proper places to donate or recycle.
  • Never learned how to declutter at a young age and now, as an adult, struggle with overwhelming piles.
  • Are struggling with clutter which is affecting their health, relationships, work, finances, and overall well-being.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate the overwhelm from clutter by decluttering your home with an easy process that can be applied in any space of the house or at work.
  • Where (and how) to easily get started so you’ll see fast results and begin feeling relieved and lighter.
  • You’ll experience the liberating feeling of letting go of clutter. A freeing feeling like a weight has been lifted. Maybe it’s a feeling you don’t even know exists. Regardless, it’s an amazing feeling that can only be felt when you actually let go.
  • How to make confident decisions (without regret) and move past any objections.
  • We’ll talk about the things to consider getting rid of.
  • The 4 big categories that hold us back from getting rid of anything.
  • You’ll learn the 16 reasons why we accumulate possessions that fill our homes & strategies for preventing clutter.
  • How to responsibly get rid of any item inside your home using my 31-page alphabetized chart that has 143 national resources across the U.S…
  • I’ll teach you how to itemize your donations for tax purposes, where to keep this list, and what to do with it when tax time rolls around!
  • We’ll talk about the purpose of our belongings.
  • You’ll learn about recycling common items around our home with the goal of reducing our waste stream thereby contributing less to our local landfill.
  • How to have a successful yard sale with my 8-page detailed process.
  • How to easily sell things online while giving you vetted resources. I’ll also teach you my process for how to create compelling online ads to sell clutter faster.
  • And much, much, more!


When you join SimpLESSity you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to access your online account where you’ll have lifetime access & updates to the program. Here’s what’s included:

Step-By-Step Visual Training Material

  • My step-by-step decluttering process that can be applied throughout the various stages of life.
  • Easy-to-follow and thorough! Filled with process guides, photos, graphics, colored charts, tables, and lists making the concepts simple to understand.
  • I walk you through my complete decluttering process from getting started to permanently removing your unwanted items out of your home – for good.
  • Includes my complete detailed process fully documented for you to always have and reference in the future!

Follow-Along Videos

  • 28 videos that walk you through the SimpLESSity® process.
  • 7+ hours of realistic video training. If you’ve ever sat down and gone through items inside your home, you know it’s a long process. This program is an accurate representation of how long the decluttering process actually takes!
  • Videos are organized by space, so if you don’t need to declutter your office, simply skip the office videos.
  • Together we’ll declutter the bedroom closet (his/her), bathroom, office, paperwork, kitchen, linen & coat closet, pet stuff, media closet, & books/games.
  • Two of the videos include packing the car and getting rid of our unwanted items! Together we’ll drive around town making donations and recycling our clutter!
  • In the videos you’ll watch my husband and me get rid of 800+ pounds of clutter while only sending less than 1% directly to our local landfill. Everything else was sold, donated, recycled or disposed!

9 Checklists for Simplifying

  • Included are 9 printable checklists for simplifying your home (these checklists are not available for purchase anywhere outside this program).
  • All printables have type-able fields which means you can type into your checklists before printing (or just save it on the computer for continual reuse).
  • I explain step-by-step on video how to use each printable. Likewise, in the reading, you’ll see clear icons when it’s time to take action and use a printable.
  • Printable formats include: Letter and A4.

31-Page A-Z Chart on Where to Sell, Donate, & Recycle Your Clutter

  • Included is access to my 31-page A-Z chart on where to sell, donate, and recycle your unwanted clutter!
  • Chart is organized with 143 national (United States) resources on where to sell, donate, and recycle household items. However, if you live outside the U.S., you can still use the chart as a guide for making decisions. The program also includes more “generic” lists & ideas for how to responsibly get rid of your clutter which applies to anyone inside or outside the U.S.
  • All resources listed have clickable links.
  • This chart alone will save you countless hours of researching as it took us 1+ years to create!


This program IS NOT about organizing. Organizing is about setting up systems & creating homes.

This program IS NOT about “tidying-up” or “putting stuff away” (which are organizing routines)..

This program IS NOT about minimalism. Although the program can help achieve a minimalist lifestyle, you decide how much decluttering is right for you.

This program IS NOT an extreme approach to decluttering. There is no set number of items to own as we’re all different.

This program IS about decluttering your home by getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life so you can focus on the things that do matter!


If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, you know it’s a paralyzing feeling. It can be hard to sleep well. You wake up tired. All you want to do is procrastinate. It all feels challenging.

I know the feeling all too well. After all, this program was inspired by my own overwhelm (mainly from running my business).

The year was 2014 and I call it the year of “too much.” Too many decisions to make, too much to manage, too much to maintain, too much work, too many projects, too many emails, too much to balance, too much information, etc., etc., etc.

It was all just too much of everything. And believe me when I say that it showed…

I felt stressed out, my hair was dull, my skin was dry, I gained 5-10 lbs., my energy was low, I was arguing more with my spouse, and most importantly I didn’t feel good, at all (you can even tell in some of the program videos as they were filmed at the tail-end of me feeling overwhelmed).

I was drained and exhausted to the point where I became desperate to simplify life.

From that point forward I decided enough was enough. We have to change things because nobody deserves to feel this way. And so that’s what I did. I eliminated the overwhelm and got back on track again.

So how do you eliminate the overwhelm and get back on track again? The same way you declutter your home…

In a nutshell, you simplify things. You declutter everything that no longer serves you. You then re-organize what remains. It really can be that simple.

And so I spent the next two years ruthlessly simplifying my life (business, personal, and home) of the “clutter” that was holding me back from being my best.

And because helping people thrive is my mission in life (and now I know first-hand what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed), I decided to create a program on simplifying your house so you can flourish!

Fast forward to today, I can’t fully describe how much lighter and more free I feel! While this program is solely focused on simplifying the house (not simplifying a business), it has ripple effects in other areas of life including your relationships, health, finances, work, overall well-being, etc.

*In the program we let go of exactly 809 pounds of clutter. For demo purposes, we added +/- 200 pounds of clutter from family as talking points. However, before and after the program was filmed, we also got rid of an additional +/- 400 pounds of our own clutter. In total, my husband and I got rid of about 1000 pounds of clutter and continue to let go of more stuff as it no longer serves a purpose in our lives.


Ever since I became an entrepreneur and professional organizer 10+ years ago, I learned that the three most important things you need to be successful in any endeavor are knowledge, support, & sometimes accountability. You’ll get all three of these when you join. How?

Well, all the detailed information and specifics you need to successfully declutter your home are inside this program. Being a business owner I’ve learned that you can either learn it all on your own with trial and error or, you can learn a proven path to follow from an expert. And time after time, the return on investment with learning from an expert (and doing it right the first time) is always, always, always, higher. In addition to giving you all the information you need to see lasting change, I’ll also check in with you and keep you on track as you get started. I can assure you this isn’t one of those online programs you join and never hear from the company ever again. It’s actually quite the opposite! Plus, we have excellent customer support if you ever run into any issues and need guidance.

A cost-effective, lasting solution you won’t find anywhere else

When I first started my business in 2008, I spent years going to clients’ homes and helping them get organized. But one of the big challenges was that a lot of people simply couldn’t afford the personal service. Most professional organizers charge anywhere from $50 – $200+ per hour and each room usually takes several hours to organize!

So, how does someone who cannot afford to hire a professional successfully declutter their home? The same way someone loses weight if they can’t afford to hire a personal trainer. They get resourceful and learn how to do it on their own. And sometimes, the most successful people in life are the people that started with little resources and found a way because they refused to quit.

You can read books on decluttering that give you the “what” and “why,” but none of them include video demonstrations that show you the “how” with thought processes and decisions explained every step of the way.

Because nothing like this exists and most people simply cannot afford the hourly rate of hiring a professional organizer (or feel ashamed to show someone their clutter), I made it my responsibility to figure out a way to help people like YOU easily declutter without spending thousands of dollars to learn how (or needing to invite someone over). After all, everyone deserves to thrive and feel great at home.


“I tackled the guest room over the course of the last few days. We bought a house this past August and this room became a dumping ground.

I filled up two big bags of clothes and two boxes to donate. Also, a small bag of trash and another small bag to go in recycling. I painted over the outdated peach paint with a relaxing neutral color. Now I’m ready to move on to my ‘office’ space.”



“I could never figure out where and how to begin and when it all gets too overwhelming to think about it I’d just put it off until I had the time to do it perfectly. Vicious circle. This program helps me to keep it all in perspective.”

— Coney

“Getting rid of the excess is incredibly freeing.

We are down sizing and it has been so amazing to me to see what we accumulated over the years just because we had the space! It is an honor to give to those less fortunate and a reminder to live simply. Thank you Alejandra and SimpLESSity!”



“The feeling of being overwhelmed has kept me frozen, not knowing where to start and what to do with my stuff. It may take a long time but I feel I know where and how to start.”

— SimpLESSity Member

“While I was decluttering, one of my daughters (9) decided she’d work on the play area.

She was inspired by the thought of donating toys to less fortunate children. After a couple hours, she had 6 bags of toys and crafts and 3 bags of stuffed animals. She’s so proud of her accomplishment and can now actually play with the toys she loves since the space is open and neat!”



“Your program is well-conceived and simplifies an overwhelming process.”

— Melissa, Florida

“This was a BIG project that has been weighing on me heavily.

Our long term storage shed for our family business was filled to capacity. From floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Not anymore! The pile on the tarp is being shredded. Woohoo!”



“This program is the first program I have finished as instructed. I’m on my way to having the life I’ve aspired to but didn’t think I could attain. Thank you.”

— Kristie

“Its so freeing to let go of 177.3 lbs of books that I once loved, but are no longer used.

If you aren’t loving it and using it, let it go so someone else can enjoy it. The new open space on my shelves creates calm and organization. I am finding ‘less is truly more’.”



“Peace of mind, piece by piece.”




Let me ask you a somewhat painful question: if you don’t take action and continue living with the overwhelming clutter, what will it cost you (mentally, emotionally, & physically)? Now, I don’t know what you’re personally struggling with, but here’s how clutter can negatively affect us:

  • Feelings of overwhelm from all the visual stimulation & distractions
  • Continued avoidance leads to feeling worse/strong>
  • Elevated stress-levels from endlessly shuffling through clutter
  • Lack of focus due to clutter competing for your attention
  • Wasted energy from the negative inner chatter
  • Arguments with family members over clutter
  • Increased spending from buying duplicates of items you already own but can’t find
  • Lack of quality sleep due to restlessness thinking about everything you know you need to do
  • Continued feelings of guilt and shame from clutter



As with all our courses, you have a full 60 days to decide whether or not you want to keep the program or cancel your access for a full refund. Meaning – you get an entire 8 weeks to watch the videos, read all the training, print all the process guides and printables, take notes, and if you want, download the files.

If the program works for you, GREAT, keep it and continue using it. If not, no problem. Just send us an email and we’ll process your full refund. It’s as simple as that.

You have nothing to lose (except clutter!) and massive amounts to gain. In fact, this program could actually pay for itself in the stuff you find or sell! Members have reported finding gift cards, cash, & have even made money from the things they’ve sold!


Who is this program NOT for?
Although SimpLESSity can be used by most people with clutter from any country, there are a few different types of people the program will NOT work for. This program is NOT for people who:

  • Will never do the actual work of decluttering when it’s time to take action
  • Tend to make excuses for their lack of action
  • Are interested in decluttering their home, but not committed
  • People who want the “fish” without learning “how to fish”
  • Easily give up on themselves because something is too hard
  • Have health challenges and aren’t physically capable of decluttering their home (although you could go through this program with assistance)
  • Are battling chronic disorganization and need the help of a professional(s) who specializes in hoarding
I’ve tried to declutter and/or get organized in the past but it didn’t work. Will this program work for me?

It’s hard to say without talking to you. However, I believe anybody can learn to get organized despite the current situation or past failed attempts. It just requires the “right work.” If the program still doesn’t work for you, you do have a full 60 days to decide whether or not you want to keep the program or cancel your access for a full refund. I want this program to work for you as much as you do!

I’m busy dealing with other high priorities, how could I fit this program into my schedule?

Anyone that has gone through this program and seen success was likely busy as well dealing with all of their life challenges as we’re all battling something. While being “busy” makes it harder to get this stuff done, it doesn’t make it impossible.

The people who have gone through this program and have seen results prioritized decluttering as a “must-do” instead of just a “to-do,” regardless of how busy they were and despite whatever storm was going on in their life. Maybe that means they woke up earlier, went to bed later, hired a baby-sitter, took time off from work, cancelled plans, or RSVP’d “no” so they could make the time and expend the energy to go through the program. It’s all about making the time and using your energy wisely. We all have 24 hours in the day. How we spend it is completely up to us.

While I don’t know how you feel, I do know what it feels like to be exhausted. There’s a fine line of “pushing yourself” to do one more thing versus “practicing self-care.” It’s a balance. And sometimes doing nothing is just what we need to recharge ourselves, mentally and physically, so we can push ourselves tomorrow.

But when you push yourself to do one more small thing, such as spending 10 minutes pulling out books you’ll never read again, or sorting through the smallest pile of paperwork on the counter, well, you never regret it. If anything, you’re glad you did it and maybe, just maybe, it even give you a burst of energy to continue doing a little bit more. If you just devoted 20 minutes a day to doing this program and the work involved (despite the challenges of life), 30 days from today, you’d be well ahead of where you are now.

I will say this, going through this program and the work involved is only temporary. There’s a start point and an end point. You begin with clutter and you end with a decluttered home. While you’ll always have to be mindful of accumulating things again, your house will be decluttered and you’ll be reaping the benefits of living clutter-free. AND… the stuff you got rid of, well, you’ll never have to deal with any of that ever again!

I’m a hoarder, will this program work for me?

Although SimpLESSity is a decluttering program, it was not developed to address the specific needs of hoarding (though some members battling chronic disorganization have seen results). If you need help to address hoarding, I highly recommend finding a professional who specializes in this area. The Institute for Challenging Disorganization offers resources for people who are challenged by chronic disorganization.

I live outside the United States, is the program applicable to me?

Yes! The program includes my full process for decluttering your home (and preventing clutter from piling up again!), regardless of where you live. However, one of the appendices includes 143 national resources on where to sell, donate, and responsibly recycle your items. While this appendix is specific to the United States, it can still be used as a guide to help you consider options for resources in your area. At the same time, the program also includes more general lists on places to donate your unwanted items, which is applicable to anyone in any country.

Is there a time limit for going through the program?

No! There is no time limit. When you join SimpLESSity, you get lifetime access to all of the program materials (e.g., reading, videos, printables, appendices, guides, etc.). You can complete the program at your own pace since it’s a homestudy course.

Is this an online program or will I receive something in the mail when I join?

SimpLESSity is an online program. Nothing is shipped in the mail. When you join, you’ll receive an email from me with a link to your online account where you’ll have instant access to the entire program. You’ll be able to access the program from any computer with Internet access.

Still have questions?

If you need assistance, please contact us here, send us an email at, or call us at 1-866-612-6567.