your flow – one
drawer at a time.

Join Organize &Flow, the home organizing community that celebrates progress, not perfection.

Find your flow–
one drawer at a time.

Join Organize & Flow, the home organizing community that
celebrates progress, not perfection.


You’re more than your mess.

Yes, you. With that kitchen drawer bursting at the seams. With the home office that’s seen better days. With the closet like a sale rack after Black Friday. We get it. You see chaos, feel a pang of guilt, and instantly lose hope. But, remember this: chaos doesn’t define you. At Organize & Flow, we’ve seen it all, and we’re here to help you see beyond it.


The home organizing community, for real people!

Organizing isn’t about achieving the picture-perfect rooms you see on social media. It’s about crafting a system that works uniquely for you and learning how to find your flow amidst the chaos. Life is constantly changing, and so will the things and priorities in your life. So, roll with it, embrace the mess, and dance in the clutter with a community here to support your before, after, and every bit of the journey in between.
Home organizing community for real people

Perfection? That’s an illusion
Let’s make progress instead.

At Organize & Flow, we think the organizing world could use a little shakeup. That’s why we’ve created and refined a uniquely structured format designed to help you get unstuck and organize in your own way. Join Organize & Flow and experience more freedom, flow, and space with every closet, drawer, and room you transform.

What is Organize & Flow Membership all about?

Organize & Flow is a love-filled, zero-judgment, and supportive
community packed with organizational systems, tools, and workshops
for just about every part of your home. Just bring along your spark and
that beautiful mess of yours, and together, we’ll carve out more room
for freedom in your life!

Organize Flow Membership

Membership magic

Why join Organize & Flow

Because every mess has its story. And yours? It’s welcome here. With Organize & Flow, you’re
not just decluttering and organizing. You’re entering a space that feels like a big, warm hug.

Get Unstuck

Get practical advice from experts to make decluttering doable and prioritize the right things, no matter how busy you are!

High Fives Happy Dances
High-Fives &
Happy Dances!

Join a community ready to celebrate every newly organized drawer and cleared countertop with you!

See Quick

Celebrate small victories every session, building the belief that you can conquer your clutter, no matter your past.


Actually Enjoy

Let the group energy, countdown timers, and lively music fuel your organizing spree, one session at a time.

Schedule Success
Your Success

Our frequent decluttering sessions and dedicated challenges help you stay committed to your home organizational goals.


Create Habits
That Stick

Create realistic organizing habits that actually stick because they flex easily to your mood, life, and home.

Get Unstuck

Get practical advice from experts to make decluttering doable and prioritize the right things, no matter how busy you are!

See Quick

Celebrate small victories every session, building the belief that you can conquer your clutter, no matter your past.

Schedule Success
Your Success

Our frequent decluttering sessions and dedicated challenges help you stay committed to your home organizational goals.

Create Habits
That Stick

Create realistic organizing habits that actually stick because they flex easily to your mood, life, and home.

Actually Enjoy

Let the group energy, countdown timers, and lively music fuel your organizing spree, one session at a time.

High Fives Happy Dances
High-Fives &
Happy Dances!

Join a community ready to celebrate every newly organized drawer and cleared countertop with you!

Hear from your future success squad!

Hear from your future success squad!

Our members aren’t just decluttering; they’re transforming their lives. Watch these
heartwarming video stories and discover the incredible impact Organize & Flow has on souls
and spaces alike.

“To know that everyone is going to get together at a certain time & work makes a huge difference.”

“I feel like I’m cleaning with friends… it’s a great motivator.”

“I honestly think this is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life!”

“Instead of getting nothing done today… I’m up, moving, & making progress!”

“I’ve done more [organizing] than I’ve done in 10 years. Everyone here is phenomenal.”

“For the first time… I’m not overwhelmed.”

“I lost 15lbs… just because I’m decluttering!”

“From that one session you saved me $400.”

“This is the first time in my life I’ve ever been organized!”

What’s included?

Everything you need to organize like a pro.

Hold onto your hats, because we’re about to reveal the epic lineup awaiting you each month.
Ready to rock your home organization game like never before?

Membership in the Organize & Flow community.

  • Declutter alongside fellow tidiers and catch that contagious energy.
  • Discover you’re in good company with members sharing tales of troubles and triumphs.
  • Transform that decluttering dread into a productive party with pals.
  • Watch others zoom ahead and find that pep in your step!
  • Let the community lift you out of overthink-mode and propel you forward.

Chock-full of live organizing sessions every month!

  • Themes that hit home: Whether it’s that jam-packed closet or disorganized filing cabinet.
  • We’ve got you covered with up to 18 live organizing sessions each month. Check out the schedule below.
  • 7 types of fun-filled gatherings, because decluttering isn’t just about tidying up – it’s about better living.
  • Pick a time that suits you! Weekdays or weekends, between 10AM and 10PM ET.
  • Nab our monthly calendar for a quick addition to your planner.
  • Get reminders via email and app notifications. We’ve got your back, so you don’t miss out on the fun!
Psst: Our coaches and crew host all sessions on Zoom. Camera-shy? No worries – keep it off. You do you, and we respect that.
Free Extra Gift

Unique format to keep you focused.

  • Our on-screen timer’s ready. Just show up and we’ll start organizing together!
  • Get crystal-clear on what to do with our guidance and suggested tasks to prioritize.
  • Groove and move with our handpicked playlists.
  • Engage, empathize, and energize in the bustling live chat.
  • Soak in shared stories and experiences in real-time.
  • Need an extra push? Step into the spotlight for that added drive!
Empowering Support Guidance

Empowering support & guidance from expert coaches.

  • Tap into the minds of organizing pros who have been doing this for 20+ years!
  • Got questions? Ask ’em live for on-the-spot clarity.
  • Use tried-and-true tactics to sidestep blunders and save your precious energy.
  • Unlock faster, smarter, and niftier ways to declutter with our novel strategies.
Empowering Support Guidance
On the go decluttering

On-the-go decluttering sessions. Whenever, wherever.

  • Catch up with replays from the last 60 days.
  • Play ’em back whenever the mood strikes and time allows.
  • Stay connected from any gadget, anywhere, as long as you’re online.
Community love

Community love: Because decluttering is better with friends.

  • Jump into our buzzing discussions with fellow Organize & Flow members.
  • Access our private, distraction-free Community Hub, off of social media.
  • Exclusive member events and deep-dive Q&A sessions? Yep, we’ve got ’em!
  • Monthly member-only challenges? Check your inbox!
  • Engage in lively threads, share wins, and find a decluttering buddy.
Community love

From clutter to calm

See our members’ transformations!

See the magic unfold as our members find their flow. From overwhelming messes to tidy
spaces that whisper “welcome home” – it’s all possible when you’ve got pals by your side.

Our organizing sessions

Get unlimited access to a wide variety of sessions!

As a cherished member, you can join any of our 7 uniquely curated organizing sessions, from
weekend chore-busters and midweek energizers to goal-setting monthly sessions. While these
organizing experiences are tailored to fit a variety of moods, needs, and lifestyles, they’re all
designed with one goal in mind: To make decluttering a delight!

Monthly Planning
Monthly Planning With Purpose Sessions
Schedule your success for the month ahead! In this 2-hour session, we start with a 50-minute exercise to fill out our trusty printable planner. We’ll reflect on last month and then lay down our goals & top priorities for next month. Then, over the next 45 minutes, we’ll jazz up our calendars, refresh those to-dos, and take the first step towards our most pressing task. Join us monthly to refocus and recharge
Bring Your Own Task

Bring Your Own Task Sessions

It’s the weekend, and we’re making tasks fun again! In these 4-hour meet-ups on Saturdays or laid-back Sundays, bring that task that’s been staring you down. Is it that towering pile of paperwork? Or the neverending laundry heap? Can’t decide? We’ve got suggestions lined up. Because hey, with a little fun, even chores become a delight. Let’s make every task a treat, twice a month.
Power Hour
Power Hour Sessions
In need of a midweek pick-me-up? Say no more! Come, enjoy 60-minutes tailored around our organizing theme of the month. Picture this: a series of short, actionable 10-15 minute challenges. Maybe it’s a digital declutter, a quick bedroom tidy, or a bathroom spruce-up. Your space, your call! Join us for these energy-boosting sessions 3-4 times a month.
Filing With Friends
Filing With Friends Sessions
Drowning in a sea of paperwork? Let’s tackle it together! In our 90-minute hangout, we’ll start with 15-minutes of themed tips, followed by a Q&A session. Then, we’ll roll up our sleeves for a 50-minute sorting session. Got a different paper mountain than our theme? No worries! Bring it along, and we’ll help you get it organized in record time.
Clarity Connection
Clarity & Connection Sessions
Feeling buried or simply want to connect? We’ve got your back. Our 2-hour session starts with an intimate chat with our organizing coaches, answering all your questions – from decluttering obstacles to cleaning hacks. The next part? Join optional breakout rooms with 3-4 fellow members. Not in the mood to share? That’s okay, simply listen to others sharing, offer support, and feel less alone.
Bring Your Own Task
Flourishing With Fay Sessions
Merge your creative spirit with the magic of decluttering with the dynamic Fay Wolf. During this 90-minute session, enjoy 15-minutes of themed insights, followed by 20-minutes of Q&A. Then, let’s commit 50-minutes to progress, and round off with sharing wins from our decluttering deeds. Whether it’s emotional clutter or physical mess, Fay’s got the guidance to help you find your flow.
Welcome The Week
Welcome The Week
Having an organized week starts on Sunday! In this 2-hour weekly session with Kevin, we’ll kick things off by tidying up a few hot spots around your home. Then, we’ll dedicate time to thoughtfully planning your week ahead. Think of this session as your relaxing weekly reset: Come Monday morning, you’ll start your week feeling less chaotic and more calm!


Upcoming decluttering parties

Ready to start organizing and decluttering? We’ve got a packed schedule of lively events,
interactive work-along sessions, and motivating get-togethers. Pull out those calendars and let’s
do this!

Oh, and don’t forget! – Our schedule is like a buffet of organizing delights — delicious but best
enjoyed in moderation. There’s no need to join every session to get your money’s worth. We
encourage you to pick and choose the ones that resonate most with you and fit your schedule.
After all, the goal is meaningful progress, not burnout!

Meet the team

Your Organize & Flow coaches

Each coach has their own distinct style and expertise, but they all share a common vision: to
inspire you, guide you, and instill lasting organizational habits.

Alejandra Costello
Alejandra Costello
Since 2008, organizing expert & certified life coach, Alejandra Costello has helped thousands of students in 132 countries learn how to get organized through her video-based training programs. She believes clutter gets in the way of life and can trigger painful emotions. When organized, she believes we’re able to better focus on what matters most: family, fun, health, spirituality, community, career, & personal growth. Her YouTube videos have been viewed 100+ million times, she’s been named 1 of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV, and she’s been crowned “The Decluttering Queen” by Good Morning America. Alejandra is the co-founder of Organize & Flow.
Kacy Paide

Kacy Paide

A Professional Organizer for 20 years, Kacy Paide of The Inspired Office has helped nearly 800 clients find what they need, when they need it, freeing them to live fuller lives both in and out of the office. In 2008 she started specializing in her favorite problem to solve: offices & paper. Kacy solves the problem of chronically disorganized offices, papers, and minds. She delivers simple, customized systems for clients who have too much stuff and carry around too much in their heads. She has worked with artists, writers, teachers, retirees, stay-at-homers, politicians, and more. Kacy is also a Certified Evernote Consultant, and her work has been featured in the Martha Stewart Blog, Men’s Health, The Washington Post, Washingtonian, and Northern Virginia Magazine.
Fay Wolfe
Fay Wolf
An artist, author and decluttering pro, Fay Wolf founded New Order® in 2006. Since then, she’s guided thousands of folks toward less inner and outer clutter and more creativity and productivity. Along with a One-Minute Tip video series with Apartment Therapy, Fay has been an expert on OWN Network’s Home Made Simple, and loves teaching imperfection as a tool for joy and change. Her book New Order: A Decluttering Handbook For Creative Folks (And Everyone Else) was released by Ballantine/Random House in 2016 and has been praised in numerous publications, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Better Homes & Gardens. As a singer-songwriter, Fay’s original songs have been heard on TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars.
Melissa Maker
Melissa Maker
Melissa Maker is an accidental cleaning expert – because she hates to clean! In 2006, she launched Clean My Space, a cleaning service in her hometown of Toronto, Canada, to help people just like her. In 2011, she decided to create digital content to help drive bookings by launching the Clean My Space YouTube channel. Since then, the channel has amassed over 200 million video views and over 1.5 million subscribers along with a healthy Instagram following and busy website. She also founded a microfiber cleaning tools company in 2016, called Maker’s Clean. While Melissa has delivered her expert advice on cleaning products, tools, and DIY substitutes for over 10 years, she wasn’t always a cleaning pro and understands that people are looking for practical, time-saving solutions to everyday problems.
Kevin Buchanan
Kevin Buchanan
Kevin Buchanan finds organization to be a source of joy and even… fun! Goal setting, to-do lists, and planning are an important part of his daily life. Then comes the hustle – putting in the work to make something happen. Kevin has coached hundreds of people on taking those big goals and tasks that seem out of reach and breaking them down into small, doable action items to help turn the impossible into a reality. Kevin believes that anything from crossing off your to-do list to accomplishing a dream goal can deepen your belief in yourself and help you live your best life. Kevin is the author of The World Needs Your Hustle: Make Your Goals and Dreams Matter, lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and enjoys hiking, tiny house adventures, and taco and margarita nights with friends!

You’ll fit right into our community if:

  • You’re a cheerleader at heart, finding immense joy in high-fiving others’ wins and rallying the community towards awesomeness — because everyone’s victory is a confetti moment!
  • You’re a ray of sunshine, taking life’s curveballs with a wink and a grin. No drama llamas here — just good vibes and belly laughs!
  • You’re open to introspection, realizing that every cleared corner can lead to personal growth and newfound insights.
  • You’re in search of a safe haven, free from criticism, where stories are shared, victories are celebrated, and challenges are met with empathy and understanding.
  • You’re ready to roll up those sleeves and dive in, knowing that waiting for the ‘perfect moment’ often leads to endless delays. With us, it’s all about seizing the now!
  • You’re a true advocate for diversity, cherishing all the shades of gender, race, sexual orientation, and lifestyle. In our community, every unique quality is a reason to celebrate.
  • Beyond mere tidying, you’re on a quest for lasting change – in your space, habits, and mindset. You’re geared up for a lifelong love affair with organization!

Join us and be a part of something that’s more than just decluttering. Step into our
 community, learn, grow, and find your organizing flow.

NOTE: If you’re in a situation requiring specialized support, such as living in an unsafe
environment or grappling with severe clutter, Organize & Flow may not be the right fit. While 
we’d love to be part of your journey, our community is not a substitute for professional, in-
person assistance.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed
Fusedesk Commitment to excellence
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Fusedesk Commitment to excellence

Have questions? Find answers below.

Organize & Flow is a unique organizing and decluttering community, so it’s only natural you’ll have questions! Don’t see an answer below? Get in touch with us now.

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Why wait? The clutter isn’t going 
anywhere (except maybe up).

Sure, it’s easy to delay when there’s no immediate deadline. But why wait and add stress to
an already stressful situation like moving or emergency repairs? Take control NOW with
Organize & Flow and skip the stress later.

Ever think about who’ll inherit your clutter? Do you really want to pass that burden
on? Our community gives you the focus and nudge you need to make visible
progress, wherever you’re at.

We can hear you overthinking — how about you simply get started instead?

We’re here to guide you every step of the way, so future ‘you’ can live clutter-free.