In this dollar store haul video I show you some of my favorite organization product finds from Dollar Tree! Everything was purchased in February or March of 2016! And of course, everything was just $1!

Happy Organizing!!

Dollar Store Haul: Organization Products

Hi everyone. I’m Alejandra from and in this video, I’m going to share with you some new, fun organizing products I found at the dollar store. So if you are getting organized inside your house and you are looking for organizing products and you are looking for affordable ways to get organized, I hope you find this video helpful because everything I found at the dollar store was just a dollar and they’re all fun ways to get organized.

Dollar Store Haul - Organization Products from #AlejandraTV

Dollar Store Haul – Budget Friendly Organization Products from

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Inexpensive Mini Stackable Drawers

So let’s go ahead and get started. So the first thing I found here at the dollar store were these very cool, cute, colorful, little bins just like that. They are stackable drawers. They look like they go on a desktop but you can totally use them at – on your countertop in the bathroom, under your cabinet in the bathroom again, under the kitchen for little – just little things around your house that you want to corral and get organized.

Dollar Store Drawer Organizers

The next thing, there are a lot of things here. So the next things were these really fun, colorful, drawer organizers that come in hot pink. This is such a fun color. It’s like neon pink. Neon pink. It came in a bright yellow or like an orange. It comes in green also and then a blue as well.

Budget Friendly Organization Ideas -Dollar Store Drawer Organizers

Budget Friendly Organization Ideas -Dollar Store Drawer Organizers

Now we are just getting started with organizing our house because we just moved and I popped one of these into Ed’s drawer in his bathroom and it was like a perfect fit. I can’t wait to show you guys the video to show you everything we did but it fits so perfectly without any kind of putty.

So these were fun. Again, they’re great for any kind of drawer where you want to sort and categorize things. So along the same lines, I found these awesome, colorful, little plastic bins. Just like that, they’re just like those but those are like translucent and these are solid colors. Again, for any kind of drawer you have around your house.

So they come in pink. They come in orange. They come in green and they come in blue. I’ve only seen these in blue before. Like I’ve seen every year in blue but I guess this year they have fun colors for spring. So a lot of these things were from their new like spring fling – I think that’s what they’re calling it, spring fling release of new products.

Colorful & Fun Hangers

Next thing, plastic hangers… If you are looking for fun hangers, the Dollar Tree has them in orange. They come in hot pink. They come in like a turquoise color and then I think I also saw green. So it’s like the same colors as these ones here.

Dog Treat Container

Next thing was this little dog treat container. But just because it’s for dog treats does not mean you only have to put dog treats inside. You can put other things around your house. Use it in the garage for small hardware. Use it in the craft closet for craft supplies or use it anywhere where you are corralling things.

Travel Organization

The next thing was this little tablet organizer, tablet pouch. You put your tablet inside, your e-reader so it doesn’t get damaged. But just because it’s for tablets does not mean you only have to use it for tablets. You can totally use this for jewelry, in your suitcase while you travel. You can use it for your passport, any other small things while you travel. You can use it in the car, like in your glove compartment. I feel like this is the perfect fit inside the little compartment for important documents. You can put wires and cords in here, anything that you want to protect it because it’s kind of like a padded envelope and that came in pink. It came in light blue. It came in dark blue and it came in red.

Budget Friendly Office Organizing Products

So this is a fun find. This is a bright neon folder but it’s not just a folder. It’s a folder inside with two pockets. You can put a little business card right here but it also has a poly envelope on the outside for small pieces of paper like receipts, coupons, stickers, anything that you cut out or something. So it’s just like a different kind of folder and it’s so fun in color. All right. That came in other colors as well.

This next thing, colorful tape for color coding things around your house. So it’s PVC electrical tape but this would be awesome for color coding all your wires and cords behind your entertainment center, like behind the TV, behind your desk for – like computer, printer, mouse, whatever you want to color code with.

Just wrap it around your cord. Grab a permanent marker. Label what it is and then you know exactly what to unplug when you are unplugging something.

Contact Paper

So I love using contact paper in drawers, on the back of a book case, the back of a wall or anything where you want to add a pop of color without painting. So the dollar store had this new fun print. It’s silver and white and it’s just a fun print. So that was a new color and then they also had this new fun color. It’s like – it’s like leaves. I don’t know. It’s like leaves I guess but it’s a cushion contact paper.

You would put it at the bottom of a drawer. So I used – so again, we’re organizing our entire house. All these new systems are getting set up. So I use this in the bathroom and in another place in the house and I use it as a noise barrier. So when you open the drawer and you put something down, it’s not going to make this loud noise because it has this cushion at the bottom of the drawer. It has made a world of difference in the bathroom drawers. I will show that in an upcoming video.

Dollar Store Magnetic Organizer

The next thing and I move kind of fast because there are a lot of things here. This is a magnetic little organizer that you can put on the side of the fridge or in the front of the fridge or on a magnetic strip in your office and you can put push pins in here. You can put rubber bands in here, anything small that you want to keep contained.

Budget Friendly Receipt Organizer

Next thing, this was really fun. So I have something just like this. It’s a colorful poly envelope. It’s like a receipt organizer or you can put your coupons in here sorted by category. But it’s colorful and I’ve never seen this at the dollar store before and I have this and I did not pay a dollar. So this was so fun. It has seven different sections. You would just label all your sections. Parts and materials, computer expenses, whatever your categories are or whatever your coupons are.

Dollar Store Organization Products - Budget Friendly Receipt Organizer

Dollar Store Organization Products – Budget Friendly Receipt Organizer

Then you can just close it up. You can label it on the outside with whatever you’re storing inside like coupon organizer, receipt organizer. So that was a totally fun find.

Colorful Duct Tape

The next thing – so I found more duct tape or more tape but duct tape and I tried using it and it’s super sticky and I have to say I tried using this as well. It’s super sticky. It really sticks. There was another tape I found at the dollar store that was pretty but it didn’t stick. This sticks really well and they have this – they have a bunch of new patterns. So this is like a bright colored paisley pattern and then they have a colorful chevron pattern as well.

So those are fun and you can use them as labels, like on the front of a shoebox. You can use them for hanging stuff or DIY projects. You can use them for all sorts of things.

Label Holders

Next, I found these little label holders and I can’t remember if I showed these. I think I showed these like two years ago or something. But they’re label holders. You can label binders. You can label baskets. You can label bins. You can label anything that needs a label. It’s like a little laminated label and you just pop a label in there and it’s nice and laminated. It won’t peel off.

Mini Binder Dividers

I love using mini binders for – I use the same binder as my coupon binder. I did a video on it a couple of years ago. It’s awesome. Mini binders are great. They are hard to find inserts because they are so small.

The dollar store had mini binder dividers just like this. Never seen them before. They have a nice pocket right here for smaller pieces of paper and they come three to a pack.

Dollar Store Organization Products  - Mini Binder Dividers

Dollar Store Organization Products – Mini Binder Dividers

Now if you need six dividers or you need more dividers, what you can do is you can get two packs and you can just take the divider and – I’m going to have to do this like this. You can flip it upside down and put it in upside down and you can create a divider that’s down here.

So if you do that with a second pack, flip them all upside down. You now have six dividers that are all lined up. You just can’t use the pocket because it’s upside down. Well, I guess you could. You just have to paper clip whatever you want to store inside, the upside down pocket. But how fun, sturdy. They’re fun colors and that was just a fun find.

Part of the store’s spring fling new products and new colors that came out was this fun coral color. I feel like I’m really into coral lately and this is just such a fun bin. It’s a different sized bin. It’s not like your typical shoe size box. Shoe size – yeah, shoe box.

It’s a little bit smaller and wider. So this is fun. It has fun like floral print on the outside and that comes in pink. It comes in this fun green right here. This is a letter tray. The same thing comes in pink, coral, green and this color. Now if you want to like stack letter trays together, you could use mounting putty or Museum Putty to stick them together so they don’t move and then stick this into the desk so it doesn’t move. I have this thing about organizing products that move.

Low Cost Cord Organizer

So this next thing is a cord organizer for a dollar. So it’s a cord organizer that goes on your desk or on an entertainment center, wherever there are cords and wires. They’re going to unplug and you don’t want the wire or cord to fall behind the piece of furniture.

So it was a dollar and I tried testing it out to see if it really worked and here you go. Here is my test. So I put it on a piece of wood. The adhesive did not stick and I read this online that the adhesive is not very good. So, I took the adhesive off and added my own double-sided sticky mounting tape and it works perfectly now. It’s so secure to this piece of wood and now if I unplug this wire and I just pop it into this holder right here, the wire is not going to – it’s not going to fall behind whatever furniture.

I have the wire on or behind or something. But anyway, this was a dollar. If you go on Amazon, it’s like 16 bucks plus $7 shipping. It’s crazy. So that was just like a really fun find and I just found that in like some random aisle. It was misplaced and I think it was like the last one.

Command Strips

For the very first time, I saw Command strips at the dollar store. They had two small ones, two to a pack for small ones and then one to a pack for large ones and I looked – I was comparing the price to see if this was a good deal and it seems like it’s like the same deal at Walmart and the same deal online. So it’s not really a better deal but if you’re at the dollar store and you need a Command strip, some Dollar Trees have them.

Fabric Tape

The next thing was fabric tape. So I only found this at one dollar store. It’s fabric tape. I guess you use it for fabric but I use this in the bathroom for organizing something which I will show you in an upcoming video. It works great. It is so sticky. It doesn’t peel. It’s actually hard to peel off and it comes in fun, cute patterns.

So I will show you that when we get to the bathroom. They also had washi tape that was Scotch brand. I have Scotch brand washi tape, a bigger roll, and it sticks so well. It’s easy to peel off and it comes in fun patterns and colors.

Budget Friendly Craft Supply Organizer

So this next thing is a – it’s like a cake pan, lasagna pan that I saw at the dollar store and it comes in colors. Like the top is a color. The top is purple. It also comes in pink. I saw it. I was like you could totally do this for sorting papers or for craft supplies or for something light because these things aren’t very sturdy. But for some reason when you put the top on the bottom, it becomes like super sturdy. So anyway, this comes in purple and pink. If you don’t want to use this as a cake pan, you could totally use it for papers, anything light and everything else I just mentioned.

The last thing I found was this garlic wine vinegar. So out of everything that I found at the dollar store, this was actually one of my favorite things that I found and I’m not going to share with you what I do with this just yet but it has to do with getting organized. I’m going to share with you in an upcoming video a cool way to use this to make your own DIY Colorful Glass Spray Bottle .

So I hope you found this video helpful. I hope it gave you a lot of ideas on creative ways to get organized but also get organized on a budget and not go crazy spending a lot of money.

If this is your first time watching any of my videos, you can subscribe for more tips and videos on getting organized or you can check out my website for more tips, tools and training on living a more organized and productive life. Thanks for watching and I will see you soon. Bye.

About Alejandra

About Alejandra

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