In this video I show you how to store rainbow loom rubber bands so everything stays neat and organized in a case that won’t spill when dropped and can be flexible to accommodate your system!

This is the Rainbow Loom Organizer I showed in the video.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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Hi everyone, I’m Alejandra from Alejandra.TV. And in this video, I’m going to show you how to organize all of your rainbow loom bands and then the actual loom itself. So, a lot of people had requested this video so I went out and researched like the best way to organize them so they actually stay together and nothing falls out if you drop the system that you’re organizing them in.

Keep your Rainbow Loom & Bands Organized

I’m excited to show you what I’ve done here. All right. So, you’re probably thinking like, “Oh, tackle box like it’s the most obvious thing to organize them in.” But this is by far my favorite tackle box. I love organizing with tackle boxes for so many different reasons. I love this particular one.

Organizing Rainbow Loom Bands

Organizing Rainbow Loom Bands: Stop bands from spilling by securing your tackle box closed with extra bands. It also makes a great place to store the loom instructions

So, the first one is you could literally shake this tackle box and like none of the bands, none of the C-loops are going to fall like they’re not going to fall in the other sections and get all like disorganized and chaotic. You can also drop it and like it’s not going to break. So I’m going to drop it in a minute and show you.

But also, to give it like some extra protection while the bands are inside the box, I created – I tried to make one of these rainbow loom bracelets and then use it as like a rubbers band to hold the tackle box together. So I just put one like vertically and then horizontally and then now it’s like extra secure.

And then underneath the rubber bands, I just put like the instruction manual that comes with the rainbow loom inside the box. So it just goes right there. It’s just like a nice little place for it. And you can also put like if you print out any instructions on how to make one, you could just put it right there also.

So now, I’m going to drop it and show you that this tackle box is not going to open and the rubber bands aren’t going to go all over the floor and then cause a big mess. And then you just have to sort them all again. All right. So, I’ll just do our little test. Whoa! That just like fell off straight. So let me drop it like this. OK. So nothing – I don’t know if you saw that or not but nothing came out like the box didn’t open so it’s just a really awesome tackle box and I’ve done a lot of like testing on tackle boxes and a lot of tackle boxes don’t do that. Like they’ll just open.

So then, this little clasp right here is really nice and tight so you can just like – you can hear how tight it is. It just clasps really nicely.

Organizing Rainbow Loom Bands with your Loom

So let me show you inside how I’ve organized all of the bands and then the loom. So let me take these thingies off and show you. And so, everything fits inside the tackle box like even the loom itself fits inside. So, if you’re going to like a friend’s house to go make something, you just take the tackle box and nothing else.

So this, I guess this is – let me take this out. I guess this is called the pick but – so the loom just fits – I just had it on the side all the way in the back. And then all these dividers, I just kind of spaced them like two spaces apart and put all the rubbers. I color-coded them so they look pretty and then I put all the little loop thingies in the middle just like in the big little compartment. And then the pick just stays in the back just like that.

How to Store Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands

How to Store Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands: Use a tackle box with adjustable compartments

But I love this tackle box for another reason because all of these little sections are adjustable so you’re not limited to like a fixed tackle box where you can’t adjust the size of the organizer or like the sections or something. So that’s really cool. And then you can, if you need more of these little divider thingies, you can buy them separately.

So I will put a link to this tackle box in the description of this video and you can check it out and see if it will work for you.

But anyways, that is how I would organize my rainbow loom bands and the loom itself if I was making bracelets and stuff which I tried making one and it’s like the most basic one. But anyway, it was fun.

So I hope you enjoyed this video. And if you are watching my videos for the first time, you can subscribe to my channel for more tips on getting organized or you can check out my website, Alejandra.TV for more fun organizing tips. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon. Bye!

About Alejandra

About Alejandra

Since 2008, organizing expert & certified life coach, Alejandra Costello has taught thousands of students in 132 countries how to get organized through her video-based training programs. Her YouTube videos have been viewed 100+ million times. Named 1 of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV and “The Decluttering Queen” by Good Morning America, Alejandra’s expertise has been featured in The New York Times,, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Parents Magazine, and CBS. 


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