In this video I show you all of the different Better Binders from Staples and why they are my favorite for binders for getting organized!

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Hi, everyone. I’m Alejandra from Alejandra.TV. And in this video, I’m going to show you the different binders that I love to use and I’ve shown in past and answer some of your questions on why I love these binders and what’s so cool about them.

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So I’ve shown a lot of these videos in my office and a lot of you guys have asked questions. So today, I’m going to answer them. These are my all-time favorite binders. They are the BETTER Binders. They are from Staples. They come in so many different colors, different types and different patterns. I love to use the different colorful ones with like the grey edges. Like you can get them in patterns but I feel like the patterns just mess up my solid color spectrum in my office so I just stick with these ones. But you can get them in different colors and stuff.

Let me just show you the different types of binders that they have and what is cool about them. So I’m going to save the red one for last because this is like the coolest binder out of all of them.

Back to School Limited Edition Binder

Back-to-School Limited Edition Binder

Staples Back-to-School Limited Edition Binder

So this one right here, I showed this last year in a lot of my back to school videos. This is the back to school limited edition binder. And the way you tell if this is the back to school version is if it has a hole right here on the spine. So all the other ones don’t have a hole right here. It’s just this one. So if you see this, that’s a back to school.

Last year, they had them for maybe like two or three months and then after back to school season, they went on clearance and on sale and then eventually, they just like disappeared from stores. So let me show you what this one – what’s cool about this.

The first thing is it has an expandable spine so even though this is like a one inch binder, it has a little bit of a thicker spine. So I think it can fit like a 100 more pieces of paper than the original one inch binder, which is kind of cool.

Inside the binder, the biggest thing is that it has this built-in poly envelope on the back of the spine. And I love this feature because you can just put small pieces of paper inside or you could put pens, pencils. You can kind of use it as pencil case or you can put a composition notebook inside the binder to just keep it with the binder so it doesn’t fall out. And really, that’s like the biggest difference. It’s the envelope and then the expandable spine. And it comes in different colors and patterns. They come in like neon colors, which is kind of fun for school.

Traditional BETTER Binder

The traditional BETTER binder comes in half an inch. I think – yeah, half an inch, one inch, two inches, and three inches. And also, I think one and a half inches. It also comes in a small version which I’ll get to later.

But anyways, why I love this binder is because first , it has a nice label on the side. It makes it really easy to label. You just pop out the label. You put – you can write your label or do the label on your label maker and then just stick it back in. Traditional binders, you pull up the spine, label it, and then stuff it back in and sometimes it doesn’t always go back in, which is kind of a pain. So the label is cool then you can stick something in the front cover. The binder is really nice and smooth. When you have them lined up on a bookshelf with other BETTER binders, it looks so pretty and organized. And yeah, it just looks nice.

BETTER Binders Rings ON Back

BETTER Binder’s Close Neatly Because the Rings are on the Back of the Binder

Inside, the rings are actually on the back cover of the binder, not like the spine. And when the rings are on the back spine, the papers are easier to flip and when you open and close the binder, then yeah, the papers just don’t get in the way. So that’s a really cool feature. And then it has these little pockets right here for papers.

That’s the traditional BETTER Binder and that is the half inch size in orange.

Color-Coding Binders

So what I’d like to do when possible is color-code my binders.

So for example, this is my recipe binder from my kitchen. When I think of the kitchen and I think of cooking, I think of the color yellow. So I went to get a yellow binder just to make it more fun and just to like when I think, “Oh, I need that binder for recipes,” I think of yellow so yeah. So I don’t always do that because I reuse my binders. So just when possible, I do that.

Mini Binder

And then we have the smaller binder. It’s the mini size BETTER Binder and I use this as my coupon organizer. But you can also use it in the car for papers or for stickers or for any other like small pieces of paper. So this is the binder and it comes in different colors also. And these are just the really cute version.

Binders with Removable File Rings

Binder with Removeable Rings

Then this binder, this is same thing as the traditional BETTER Binder. And then the last version is this version. So this came out about a year ago. It’s really cool. It’s made for the filing cabinets. So what it has inside, everything is the same except the rings. The rings actually pop out of the binder. So if you just go like that, those are already out. But you just pop it out like that and then you can just pop this into the filing cabinet with your papers already on the rings. So it’s really cool.

And then on the back of it, there’s a label so you can kind of label whatever your category of papers is. You just put the label right there. The only problem with this is you have to – like if you have a filing cabinet that has a bottom to it, then you have to make sure you only – like you could only hang 8 x 11 pieces of paper because the poly envelope will touch the bottom of cabinet and won’t hang straight and then this fall just like – like this won’t hang properly. It will just rise above. So that’s the only issue. But yeah.

And then also, you can also buy these rings individually. So if you don’t want to buy the whole binder, you can just buy these rings and then just pop them in your filing cabinet.

Binders Long

So is there a favorite color binder that you always use or favorite pattern or do you love these binders or have you ever been dying to try them? If so, leave a comment below and let us know what that binder is.

Thanks for watching. And if this is your first time watching any of my videos, you can subscribe for more videos or check out my website, Alejandra.TV. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon. Bye!

About Alejandra

About Alejandra

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