In this video I show you how to organize tools & hardware in the garage so you can easily access items while staying organized!

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How to Organize Garage Tools & Hardware

Hi, everyone. I’m Alejandra from Alejandra.TV. And in this video, I’m going to show you how to organize your tools and your hardware inside your garage.

But first, if you’re looking to get organized, you can check out my free organizing video series.

So when it comes to organizing the tools in the garage, a lot of people just kind of throw things inside the garage. There’s no real system. And when you need something, you’re having a hard time finding what you’re looking for and it’s really cold or really hot so you get frustrated and maybe you get stressed, maybe you never find it. But I’m going to show you what I do to kind of contain the clutter and show you what works for us.

How to Organize the Garage

How to Organize Tools & Hardware in the Garage

This is the shed where we have all of our tools and hardware and stuff. And we actually got this for free and kind of cleaned it up. And now, it’s good as new. It looks like it’s like barely even used. But I’ll show you inside in a second but at the very top of the closet, I have a – or not the closet but shed, there’s a bin for all of our paint cans and stuff. And I use a bright yellow thick jumbo label to kind of pop out or have the labels pop in here because it’s kind of dark in the garage and the yellow pops. And when I think of yellow, I use it for like hardware and power and electrical and stuff. So that’s why it’s yellow.

Keep Paint Cans Organized

Organized Paint Cans

Keep Paint Cans Organized with Labels

But let me show you this cool label for paint cans that I recently came across. It’s a label that you put on top of the can and it comes in different sizes. And you label the area in the room where the paint was used, the color, the finish and the base, the brand where you got it, the store, the date and then other and then you put a little sample right here. What I like about this is like obviously this blue color, if this was in the bathroom, you would know that this blue is in the bathroom. But like this label comes in handy when you’re labelling all the whites and beiges and stuff that goes on like the trims or the baseboards. And often, it’s confusing to do touch up like paintwork and stuff. So this label is awesome for that. OK. So that’s what I do for the paint cans.

Then inside the shed, let me show you what’s inside here. The top shelf over here, I use shoeboxes to kind of categorize all the different categories. So there are old rags, there are adhesives, there’s hardware, not like small hardware but everything but nails and screws.

How to Organize Light Bulbs

DIY Light Bulb Storage Container

DIY Light Bulb Storage Container

I keep the light bulbs organized in a clear shoebox to keep them from breaking. There is tape, there are paint brushes, there are the bigger light bulbs, there’s all of my drill bits for drilling. Let me just show you the light bulbs. I did a DIY video that included how to organize light bulbs for storage recently and showed you how to make this. I’ll put the link below to where you can find it.

Organizing Nails & Hardware in the Garage

Keep Nails, Screws, and Hardware Organized in a Tackle Box

Keep Nails, Screws, and Hardware Organized in a Tackle Box

All of my hardware, like nails and screws, is contained in a tackle box that’s really organized.

If you have a system in place for all the nails and screws, it’s easy to maintain. If you don’t have a system and you’re just throwing your hardware in one big pile, when you’re looking for a specific size screw, it’s hard to find and you end up buying another one because you can’t find what you’re looking for. So just taking time to sort it all into a tackle box, it’s kind of painful up front. But it’s worth it when you’re looking for that item down the road.

And all of the anchors are inside of this tackle box right here. And there are links on my website to all the products that I’m showing inside this video.

Then the Dremel and then the Dremel kit kind of hangs out in the side up here.

Organizing Tools

Then here, I have a toolbox. It’s really heavy but it basically has all the tools that we – like if we need to fix something inside the house, basically, we just bring this inside if we’re hanging something or fixing something. It has a screw driver, the measuring tape, the hammer, the mallets, everything else but I don’t know the names of.

And then on this side, I just reuse old containers that I got from Target like ten years ago to put like our drill. I feel like before, we can never find the drill when we needed it. So I just put it inside its own bin in here and then there’s working gloves and then there’s rope over here.

How to Store Spare Furniture Hardware & Parts

One of the problems I was having recently, we’ve been like changing our furniture and all of the furniture that we buy seems to come with extra pieces in case we needed to fix something or mount it differently and I start to think, “OK, where do I put all these random parts and pieces that I don’t need right now but might need years down the road?”

What I’ve done is grabbed all the pieces, just grabbed a jumbo Ziploc bag just like this and I put all of the pieces inside here and then I just took painter’s tape on the back and I just labelled each set. In the bag I have parts for my craft organizer, my office bookcase, etc…

So, when the time comes that I need these pieces, I’ll just come here to the garage and I’ll come to this bag, and I’ll find exactly what I’m looking for. So it’s nice, easy, it will never get lost, and it’s super organized.

When we get more furniture, this bag might fill up and stuff but right now, the system works for like small amounts of pieces. OK. So that’s the top part of the shed. Let me show you what’s in the bottom part.

Organizing Spay-paint and Other Round Containers

Garage Organizing Tip: Store Round Items in Round Bins to Maximize Space

Garage Organizing Tip: Store Round Items in Round Bins to Maximize Space

For the bottom part of the shed, I grabbed two circular bins from the Dollar Store. They’re nice and they’re not that sturdy but they’re good enough. I put all the round spay containers I have inside one of the round organizers. They fit really nicely. It’s just things like spray paint, spray adhesive… And then in the second container, I did the same thing with all of our round car stuff.

If I wanted to fit a third circular bin, I could fit a third one. But we don’t have that many circular bottles and stuff.

And at the very bottom, I’ve got two large shoeboxes. Inside the top shoebox, I put moving blankets and old towels and stuff. So if we’re moving something or we’re hauling something in the car, I’ll just come here, grab the entire bin, grab the blankets out, and then put them in the car.

Organizing Bulky Paint Supplies

In the same type of shoebox I also keep all of the really bulky paint supplies. They are really awkward to store, like the pain tray is really weird to store and like the paint rollers and stuff are really weird. So those just fit nicely tucked away inside that bin. And then again, I use the bright yellow tape to label the box so it pops.

I have all of the bags for yard work and heavy contractor bags for storing heavy things in a box on the bottom shelf too.

So, how do you organize your garage? Is there something that you do to kind of contain the clutter and so it’s really easy to come inside your garage and find exactly what you’re looking for? Leave a comment below and let us know what that is. And if this is your first time watching any of my videos, you can check out my website, Alejandra.TV for more tips on getting organized.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon. Bye!

About Alejandra

About Alejandra

Since 2008, organizing expert & certified life coach, Alejandra Costello has taught thousands of students in 132 countries how to get organized through her video-based training programs. Her YouTube videos have been viewed 100+ million times. Named 1 of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV and “The Decluttering Queen” by Good Morning America, Alejandra’s expertise has been featured in The New York Times,, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Parents Magazine, and CBS. 


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