In this video I take you around with me at the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago, IL! If you don’t know about this show, it’s basically a ginormous tradeshow where organizing, cleaning, cooking, etc brands all come together to show case the latest and greatest gadgets in the industry!

Ed and I had such a FUN time being surrounded by colorful bins, baskets, drawers, dividers, etc. You name it, they had it!! It was like the candy store for storage and organizing products! 😉

Hope you enjoy the video!

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Hi, everyone. I’m Alejandra from Alejandra.TV. And Ed and I just got to Chicago yesterday for The International Houseware Show. It’s an annual houseware show where a lot of cleaning companies, organizing companies like kitchen companies come and showcase like the latest products in the industry or just like show some like new things that are coming out and stuff. And we just walked up and there was so much excitement in the room.

Fun Organizing Products

The first thing that I saw when I walked up was the Contact paper stand and there’s like all these oversized rolls of contact paper. And then I walk inside and then there is like 40 different like colors and patterns of contact papers. It’s so exciting just because I always use contact paper for labeling or decorating the back wall or decorating label and stuffs. So I’m going to show you the cool colors and patterns. You just follow me.

So this is the first wall. Look how fun these patterns are. Like I’ve never seen in the stores, maybe they are coming out soon. But like just look how pretty like this pink, pink and white chevron, it’s so pretty. And then they have this on the wall like really bright colors and fun polka dots and stuff.

And then back here, they have really great colors which I’ve never seen before so I’m just going to show you what they look like. So here are all the bright colors. I don’t know where you get these colors at but these are so fun and these are so pretty and this is pretty and they’re just all so pretty.

Paint Can Labels

Organized Paint Cans

Keep Paint Cans Organized with Labels

We’re at What’s That Paint. This is what it looks like. So they are paint can labels. They’re so cool. So like you have all those gallons of paint in your garage and you have like the little sample at the top, you don’t know what the name is or the numbers or where you got it. So these are actually labels that you put on top of the can or you can put them on the side and then you just label everything. So when you come back to your garage to look at your paint, you know exactly what the color is, where to find it and everything is just nice and organized and easily labeled.

Next, we stopped at the Like-it booth. Like-it is the brand of that bin that I showed at the bottom of my pantry that had wheels and I used it as a snack bin and stuff. I can’t believe they’re here. They have all these fun baskets and all these cool colors. This is such a cute color. It’s brand new. And then they have a lime and they have orange and all these sizes. And it’s just like so fun.

And then over here, they have all these over-the-door hooks. These are really cute. They seem like so sturdy and you could put a basket on top of one of the hooks. That’s just so cool. I’ve never seen a product like that before. So I just got really excited when I saw their booth and I’m hoping these colors become available somewhere where we can buy them in stores.

Heat Resistant Organizers

So, we’re at the Holster booth. And the Holster makes these really fun silicon holsters that you just put on the sides of like a desk, on a sink, in the bathroom and it holds things. And it’s heat resistant. So this one, you can see, this is like, for like a craft room. It can hold a hot glue gun. And you just place it in there. The glue sticks are right here. Everything is out of the way. It maximizes your space because it just kind of like hangs on the side. So it’s really cool.

And then you can kind of see over here, there’s one on the back of a chair for markers. So again, you’re not using your surface space but you’re using the back of the chair to maximize space.

Laundry Organization

Even Your Hamper Can Be Organized!!

Even Your Hamper Can Be Organized!!

We are at the Neatfreak booth right now. And they have a really cool setup. There’s DJ playing music here. And I just discovered this really cool laundry hamper/sorter with an ironing board on top. It’s like the coolest invention. So it’s a three-bin laundry sorter so lights, darks and then like towels and sheets and stuff. But on top you have this really cool ironing board so you don’t have to store an ironing board in your laundry closet or your laundry room like on a hook or something. It’s built-in right here. So when you’re ready to iron, the ironing board is already setup. I feel like this is like the coolest invention.

And so then you just like, you lift it up to put your laundry in and then you lift it down. And I feel like it looks nice so you could keep it out in your bedroom. You don’t have to put it away in a closet. And it’s on wheels. So if you need to put it away in a closet, you just wheel it out and it’s right there ready to iron. It’s a really cool invention.

Shoe Organizers

One more thing I just discovered that’s really cool is the shoe organizer. So it’s a standing shoe organizer. So you know how you like you store shoes horizontally like into a shoe box or a hanging bag or something. Well, this is a vertical shoe organizer. It’s really cool. Let me show you. So it kind of just sits on the floor or wherever you want to place it. And you just, you store the shoe vertically inside. It’s a genius solution right? Just storing something horizontally but storing it vertically just to make it a little bit easier to access. Now, you just like bend down and you grab a shoe and nothing is stacked on top of each other. So, really cool.

Car Organizers

We are at High Road Organizers, their booth here. And I’ve always seen all their black organizers in a lot of stores. But I just found out that they make them in pink. And so I want to show you what they have here. So they literally have all types of organizers for the car. Like behind the seats, on the floor, hanging, in the trunk and they come in this pretty hot pink color which is fun for your car if you’re a girl.

Hanging Jewelry Organizers

OK. So we’re at the Umbra booth here and they have so many cool organizers. So, a lot of people have probably seen this little black hanging jewelry bag organizer for jewelry like bracelets, rings, necklaces and stuff. And I just realized they have all these other shapes and colors and patterns and stuff. And I thought it was like the coolest thing and I just want to show you what they look like. So I just got really excited.

So first off, they have these small ones, these mini ones. They put cosmetics in them. But you could totally do like smaller jewelry if you’re not a really big jewelry person. And then over here, they have this really cute feminine bag. It’s like so cute. It has a little bow up here. And again, you could do it for jewelry or accessories.

And then they have a fancier dress version. Like this is like super fancy and just super cute. And then it comes in pink. It comes in red, black. This is kind of like the standard one that you’ve probably seen. There is a patterned one, really cute stripes and stuff.

And then this is, OK, so this is the coolest one. So this is – it’s like for a guy, for a guy’s closet. They make a male version. And so you could open it and you can put belts, you can put ties, you can put men’s accessories like watches cufflinks, anything else that your guy might have or you might have, if you’re a guy watching this. So it’s so cool.

And then back here, they have another dressy version like this probably like the dressiest dress organizer. It’s so cool. And then this is different. But just like so many cute options and colors and different sizes. So yeah, this is the standard one. So yeah, I just thought that was cool and want to show you what it look like.

Storing Yarn

Fun Craft Organizing Container for Yarn

Fun Craft Organizing Container for Yarn

We are at the Snapware booth. And I just came across these really cool containers. They’re called Yarn Tainers. And it’s made for yarn and it has a little hole at the top. And you just pull the yarn up and it comes right up. It’s like there is no tangles. There is no like unraveling of the yarn or anything. I just thought it was so cool. I’ve never seen these before. And they’re fun. They come in a tall size. And then they come in on short size down here.

Kitchen Organizing Products

So we’re at the Discovery booth. And they have tons of kitchen organizing products like baskets and bins and stuff. And they’re made for the kitchen but you could really use them in any space of the house for toys, for school supplies, office supplies, in the garage. And I thought this was a really cool size. I haven’t seen this size before. But it’s for spices. And it’s like small and has a handle. And it looks like it would just fit perfectly in an upper cabinet in the kitchen.

So there’s like tons of different sizes. There is clear. There is white. And then over here, this is really fun. There are colored baskets for kid’s room, or toy room, or craft space. Same thing, there is different sizes. There is like big ones. There are small ones. There are medium ones. And really, this is a cool size too. And it just make it like so easy to like grab what you’re looking for because it has a nice handle and you just pull it out and just grab exactly what you’re looking for.

OK. So we just finished our last day at the International Home and Houseware Show in Chicago. We had so much fun. It was so cool just walking around and seeing all the new products in organizing industry. And just like seeing all the products that I already know and love and seeing them in different colors and patterns. And just like so much excitement in the air. I had such a great time. I hope you had fun watching and just seeing all the cool things that I saw and just coming along with us.

So thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon. Bye.

About Alejandra

About Alejandra

Since 2008, organizing expert & certified life coach, Alejandra Costello has taught thousands of students in 132 countries how to get organized through her video-based training programs. Her YouTube videos have been viewed 100+ million times. Named 1 of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV and “The Decluttering Queen” by Good Morning America, Alejandra’s expertise has been featured in The New York Times,, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Parents Magazine, and CBS. 


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