Does anyone else realllllly dislike organizing (and dealing with) wires, cords, and cables? Sometimes they can be a big pain to find, organize, and store. Here’s a video I filmed on my new wire/cord/gadget organizing system in my home office. I can honestly say, it’s actually kind of fun to retrieve a cord now (who knew this could even be possible?!?!).



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Hi, everyone. So in this video, I’m going to share with you guys how to organize all of your wires, your cords, your ink cartridges for your printer, your label cartridges, your memory sticks, your memory cards, and any other like small gadget like electronic technology gadget that you might have floating around your home office, your bedroom, or somewhere in your house that you can never seem to find and never has a home and it’s not so fun to organize and that’s why you haven’t organized it just yet or it hasn’t made your to-do list or whatever.

How to Organize Home Office Gadgets, Wires, and Cords

I’ve organized cables & cords and I want to show you exactly what I’ve done because it’s to do, it’s easy to maintain and it just looks good when you’re done. So let me grab the camera and show you guys exactly what I’ve done.

Closet Organizing Tip: Use Tackle Boxes to Organize Wires & Cords #AlejandraTV

Office Organizing Tip: Use Tackle Boxes to Organize Wires & Cords

OK. So this is how I organized all my wires and cords. I’m just going to quickly show you guys what it looks like and then I’ll explain in more detail what I did and why I did it. But basically, I have everything inside of two tackle boxes. There is a deeper tackle box. I think this is maybe like 5 inches deep and then there is one that’s like maybe 2 ½ inches deep. But these are my favorite tackle boxes. I will put a link to both of these below the video for you guys so you can check them out if you’re interested.

But I only buy a certain brand of tackle boxes because I like the ones that have adjustable dividers like in each of the sections like these are adjustable, these are adjustable, these are adjustable. I like when a tackle box has a nice clasp just like that like you can just tell that it’s nicely made and it’s not going to open. Yeah, it’s just not going to open that’s why I like that one.

And then I also like the ones that have a nice flat surface in the very back so you can place a label. A lot of tackle boxes if you’ve been in the market for them, they have like a rigid or a bumpy surface right here so it’s really hard to place a label where you want to place labels so then it’s just hard to label. So these have a nice flat surface. So yeah, I like these two tackle boxes. They work really nicely.

Organizing Cables and Chargers

So basically what I’ve done here where all the wires and cords are, I’ve categorized all my wires and cords according to their use. So here I have all my network and phone cables. And basically all I do is I just wrap them around my hand. I can’t show right now because I am holding the camera. But I just wrap them around my hand and then I just use a rubber band to hold them together in place. I use rubber bands for all kinds of things. They are so inexpensive and you can buy them for like less than a penny each and so they just work well.

So then I have all my USB cables here. I have all my camcorders and cameras. I say I have all them but I have one camera and I have my older camcorder down there. And then I have all my audio and video cables here. Again, they’re just tied together with a rubber band.

Then I have all my chargers here. So with the chargers, what I do is I put a label on top of the charger so I know exactly what the charger is for. I know some of them, they’ll say what they’re for like for example, my Samsung charger to my old camcorder. If I look back here, it’s going to say Samsung in the description. But I feel like it’s just – it’s easier to just put a big, yellow, easy to read label on them so I’m not wasting time trying to find the exact charger that I need when it’s time to use it. So I just do that with all the chargers so I can kind of see that’s my camera charger for my regular camera. This is a GPS. There’s the camcorder. So again, it’s just easier to find.

My microphone piece is here. And then back here, actually I had a mouse to my computer and I’m actually using that right now. And then this is empty. So if anything else comes in, another category I can place it here and then place my label there. But yeah, but I like this one. It’s deeper. There’s still room to grow if I needed to grow. I don’t know why I would need more network cables but there is plenty of room. So I like to use a deeper container because there is just room to grow. And if you have a bulky wire or cord, it’s not going to be a problem.

And another thing I will say is when I was organizing this, I got rid of a lot of cords that I no longer had the gadget or the electronic anymore and I just like forgot to throw away the cord. I did all of that purging when I was going through and organizing. And it did take a lot of time because it’s not always easy to figure out which cord goes to what. But once you spend time upfront, you’re going to be happy in the end because you’re only left with things that you absolutely need and absolutely use.

How to Organize Printer Ink, Label Tape, & Batteries

So here is the second tackle box. Like I said, this is more shallow than the one with the wires and cords because these are like the smaller things that always end up like in the back of your junk drawer or your desk drawer or whatever. But over here, I have all of like plugs like if you have an outlet that doesn’t have this third – I forget what this is called but you just plug it in and it has a third thing.

There is the international phone charges that you attach to you regular charger. There are memory sticks, all my memory cards for cameras and so forth. I put these in a little baggy. I reuse this from somewhere because I felt like they’re going to get lost. I don’t want them to get scratched and stuff. Then I have USB ports here that you plug in just like that.

And then up here, I have my printer cartridges like ink cartridges and stuff. So we have two printers in the house. This is like the older printer that we still use. So there are the colors here. Then the newer printer is here with these cartridges. These are docks that go to our iPad station. All those are together for when it’s time to switch.

Use a Tackle Box to Organize Label Tape & Ink #AlejandraTV

How to Organize Label Tape & Ink

Batteries like camera batteries and then I think there was a phone battery in here that I actually ended up recycling. And then back here is where I have all of my label cartridges for my label maker. Now, I have a lot of them. You can see here. I buy them in bulk because I go through them pretty fast and a lot of them are like different sizes and different colors like you can kind of see this is like the 6 millimeter black ink, there is the 6 millimeter black ink on white that’s on clear, then there is like 12, there’s 18, there’s 9 somewhere around here, 9. And then there’s pink, there’s black, there’s clear on white, there’s green, and so forth. So they’re all different but there’s multiples of some of them.

So anyways, that is how I organized all the small little gadgets in the office and then all the wires and cords. Again, I love these tackle boxes because they’re flexible, they’re adjustable. Everything, as you can see is so simple to see and find when you open up the tackle box cover. If I open it up, I just come here, find exactly what I’m looking for and I close and I’m done and I’m good to go.

OK. And so the last thing I did with both of the tackle boxes is label each of the sections with what’s inside each section. So what I did was I used a white label tape with a red font because I kind of wanted the font to pop when you open up the tackle box. So it’s just easier to find what you’re looking for. So I figured the red would pop. You could also do like a yellow label tape kind of like what I did with all my chargers and stuff because that label really pops. So yeah, so either red or yellow would work just fine.

OK. So that’s how I’m organizing all my wires, cords, and all the small things that might be floating around my office, my bedroom, or my house. Everything is organized into one tackle box. Everything has a home. It’s easy to access, easy to maintain, and it’s just super simple to find everything that you’re looking for when you need it.

So I hope these tips were helpful. If you’d like more tackle box ideas check out these two links for other home office organization & battery organizing tips.

If you organize your wires and cords in a different way and you want to show me and everyone else watching, create a video response and upload it or leave a comment below and let me know exactly how you organize your wires and cords. That’s everything I have for you guys. I will see you soon. Bye!

About Alejandra

About Alejandra

Since 2008, organizing expert & certified life coach, Alejandra Costello has taught thousands of students in 132 countries how to get organized through her video-based training programs. Her YouTube videos have been viewed 100+ million times. Named 1 of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV and “The Decluttering Queen” by Good Morning America, Alejandra’s expertise has been featured in The New York Times,, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Parents Magazine, and CBS. 


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