I’m obsessed with office supplies! In fact, I only write with certain pens, markers, and pencils. Sounds a little bit crazy, but it’s true. Here’s a video on how to organize office supplies in the home office along with some of my favorite pens, pencils, and markers. Are you the same way too? Do you only write with certain pens or pencils? Leave a video response with your favorite pen, pencil, or marker!

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Hi everyone, it’s Alejandra. And today is Friday. I’m so excited for the weekend. I’ve had the longest week ever and I’m just excited to start the weekend and relax and just like step away from the computer and step away from the office. So I am looking forward to it.

But I wanted to just do a video today on how to organize your office supplies and kind of talk about some of my favorite office supplies because I am just like obsess with office supplies. Like I only write with certain pens. I only use certain markers. It’s like a little weird. But I posted a picture of some kind of office supplies like maybe last week or something and a lot of people commented and said that they have the same thing. Like they have this one pen that they’re obsessed with writing with and they can only write with that pen and the same thing with markers and pencils. So I figure, there’s a lot of people like that are just like me.

So I’m going to show you guys my offices supplies, tell you how I organize them, and then talk about my favorite pens and markers and all that good stuff, OK? So I’m going to grab the camera and get started. OK.

How to Organize Office Supplies in the Home Office

So here is where I keep all of my office supplies. I love this drawer. It’s just so fun and colorful. But basically what I’ve done here is I’ve sorted all of my office supplies by category so like highlighters, pens, markers, other markers, pencils, clips, staples, paperclips, pushpins.

Home office organization is the key to productivity! Keep your desk drawer organized :) #AlejandraTV

Home office organization is the key to productivity! Keep your desk drawer organized 🙂

And I’ve used these little containers from The Container Store. (These are also great drawer organizers, they are the ones shown in the photo above.)

But what I’ve done is I labeled all the categories and I’ve put a label on the side of the bin because when I open this drawer, I’m not like coming from this angle to open it. I’m coming from this angle so if I come to this angle, I can see all the labels. And the reason why used yellow label tape is because originally I labeled this in white and this was a big pain to do. But I labeled all these containers in white and then I realized that the drawer is kind of busy and the white labels were kind of like hidden. They weren’t like popping and I wanted the labels to pop so I’d immediately see them when I open the drawer. So then I switched it to yellow. And yellow seemed to work because you see all of them right when you open the drawer.

The Best Office Supplies

So highlighters, I’m going to show you guys my favorite highlighter. I actually – I can probably get rid of these ones or like donate them. I don’t really like them because they’re kind of – it’s kind of like a finer point. I don’t know if you can see that. I like these ones better because they’re really thick. Just like that. Yeah, they’re thicker so that’s why I like them. And I have a lot of highlighters. I know I should probably pull out the ones that I don’t use. But I like to keep them as backup because I do go through highlighters a lot because I used them like every single day in my book and online to-do list.

So here are all my pens. And I recently downsized my pens and I still have – I mean I have a fair amount but this is like all the pens that I have in my house. I don’t have pens in the kitchen. I don’t have them in other drawer or anywhere. I don’t have pens like anywhere else. This is where I have all of them.

This is my favorite pen. Like it sounds really weird but I can only write with certain pens. It’s like my handwriting is different when I write with like a bad pen. Like let me show you what a bad pen is. And I pretty much got rid of all my bad pens but Ed – OK, here is one. So Ed doesn’t mind writing with pens like this. Like this is a bad pen in my opinion. It just doesn’t really write really well. It doesn’t like – I just don’t know what it is. It’s like I write and then like you have to press really hard and then like the ink doesn’t really move smoothly. It’s kind of weird but it’s just like a normal big pen. And yeah, I just don’t like it. So I do have some of those because Ed will use them so I keep them.

So my favorite pen is a Uni-all Jetstream and it’s 0.7 pen. There’s a different between like there’s 0.5 and then there’s 0.7, 0.7 is more of like a fine point. So I love this pen. It’s just my favorite. And then right here, I have a little Peeps pen too. That’s cute. Ed gave it to me for Easter like three years ago.

And then in the drawer, I have all my specialty markers. The specialty markers are like chalkboard markers. These markers are what I used in my pantry to label all of my chalkboard labels. Like I just use the white one but they come in different color so I could have used like pink, blue, or green. But these are my favorite. And you can also write on mirrors with these markers. They’re awesome.

So here is where I keep all of my markers like all of my Sharpies and dry-erase markers and my mini markers. And this is a mini marker in case you guys haven’t seen them. And my favorite Sharpie is the fine point Sharpie. You see how nice and thin that is? Can you guys see that? There you go. See, it’s nice and thin. It’s fine point. It just writes so smoothly. And I don’t know. I’m obsessed with the fine point ones. The regular point I like but I prefer the fine point ones.

And then over here, I just have black markers. They get their own category because there is like a lot of them and I use them very often and they run out fast so they get their own section.

Here, I have all my pencils. Believe it or not, I don’t like regular pencils. Like this pencil – OK. This is probably Ed’s pencil. Like I would not pick up his pencil and use it. I prefer to use mechanical pencils. And again, that goes into like my handwriting is different when I use certain types of pencils. So like my handwriting will be completely different if I use a regular pencil versus using a mechanical pencil. And it’s just so bizarre. I don’t know why, why I feel like that but hey, whatever works for one person. OK. So, all my colored pencils are at the bottom.

And then over here, I have all my binder clips. OK. This is missing a label. I don’t know where – I don’t know what happened here but this doesn’t have a label. My binder clips, these are really cute. These are from Staples. This is my favorite stapler. That’s a piece of sushi. I have this weird obsession with like things that look like food but aren’t food. So like inanimate objects that look like food. So I saw this and I was like had to have this. OK. So all my staples and my stapler, and then paperclips, and then pushpins. So I use this drawer more than the other drawer. But I’m going to show you guys the other drawer.

So over here is I have the second half of my supplies. All right. So tape and safety pins. And again, these are all labeled with really bright yellow labels. I can see exactly what I’m looking for in like just a few seconds when I open the drawer. OK. So tape, safety pins, flags. I’m obsessed with flags. I use them for everything. I have like every color but I actually use them. So it’s not like I’m just keeping them and not using them. I actually use them.

How to Organize Office Supplies

How to Organize Office Supplies

Post-it notes, sticky notes, I love sticky notes. I have like every color because I actually use them and sometimes I use different colors for different things. So that’s why I have a lot of those.

Rubber bands, I love this thing. I always grab rubber bands off of here. I use rubber bands for like all kinds of stuff in the house, like all kinds of stuff. So that’s why I have a lot. See, I have a lot of stuff but I use it. There is a difference between having a lot of stuff and not using it versus having a lot of stuff and using it.

So, spare keys and stuff go in here. These are actual – these are like a CableDrops. I’ll have to do another video on those.

Coins and then tools like calculator, the X-Acto knife, I have a slinky just like for fun, and then I have White-Out, stamps. And then here, I have – well, there’s no scissors in there now because I think they’re on my desk. But paint brushes and then this is like – you put water in here and then like you stamp an envelope like that so you don’t have to lick the envelope. One thing I hate to do is licking envelopes.

So again, this how I organize all my office supplies. And I know I have a lot of stuff to keep organized and I can probably do without some of it but I actually do use like 90% of the stuff and it’s good to have backup just in case but not too much backup where you just have a lot of stuff, if that makes sense.

So again, everything is sorted by category. I have all these little containers from The Container Store. They’re labeled with yellow labels and they just fit perfectly inside of these two drawers.

So the majority of my office supplies are the two drawers that I just showed you guys and I do keep a small amount of office supplies in my desk. I have tape, pens, a highlighter, a stapler, etc. just like everyday stuff because I don’t want to have to get up from my chair and then come over to this drawer to get office supplies. I just want to be able to like reach on my desk and just grab exactly what I’m looking for. So down here is my backup and then everything on my desk is my like everyday stuff.

I hope that was helpful. I will see you guys soon. Bye!

About Alejandra

About Alejandra

Since 2008, organizing expert & certified life coach, Alejandra Costello has taught thousands of students in 132 countries how to get organized through her video-based training programs. Her YouTube videos have been viewed 100+ million times. Named 1 of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV and “The Decluttering Queen” by Good Morning America, Alejandra’s expertise has been featured in The New York Times,, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Parents Magazine, and CBS. 


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