Fridge organization can sometimes be tough because of the limited space. Here’s a tour of how to organize the refrigerator shelf by shelf. I keep a filing tote, marker, and eraser inside my refrigerator and I label my eggs with smiley faces. Is that weird?! I’ll do a freezer video tour soon. How do you organize your fridge? Do you keep your bread and tomatoes in the fridge or do you keep them at room temperature? Leave a comment below or create a video response to show me!

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Hi everyone, it’s Alejandra. And I’m sitting in my kitchen in front of the refrigerator and I’m going to do a video today and show you guys how I organize my fridge to keep all the contents inside as fresh as possible. So if you have been requesting this video because a lot of people have been asking for a fridge tour then this video is for you.

Let me grab the camera and we will get started. OK. So this is my refrigerator. It’s not overly big. It’s not overly large. It’s just normal, standard size. These are my Valentine’s Day cards from my Valentine’s. This one is from Ed. It says, “Sometimes I wonder why I put up with you.” That was a really funny card inside. We always give each other funny cards because we both like to laugh.

Fridge Organization – How to Organize the Refrigerator

How to Organize the Fridge

So this is the inside of my fridge. And I’m going to give you a tour shelf by shelf. OK. So up here is where I keep all of the milk and eggs. And then over here is the juice and the yogurt. And you want to keep all the things that need to remain the coldest all the way in the back because the back of the fridge is the coldest part of the fridge as opposed to the door. The door is the warmest part of the fridge. So that’s why the milk is all the way back there, the yogurt and the eggs.

Let me show you guys a quick thing about the eggs. So Ed and I eat a lot of hard boiled eggs. So every time I boil eggs, I just put them back inside the cartoon and then I just put a little label on the top of the egg so we know which ones are hard boiled. So every time we see a smiley face, we know that these are hard boiled eggs. They’re not normal eggs so we wouldn’t want to crack this and use this to make a scramble egg or whatever. OK. That’s just a little trick or tip that I do. OK. There’s really nothing else cool about this shelf. That’s really the only thing.

Down here is where we keep chilled wine like white wines. And you’re supposed to store wine on its side so the cork remains wet at all times. So I use this little red thing at the back. It’s called the Fridge Monkey and it’s from The Container Store. I think it was like $5.99. And basically what it does is it prevents the bottles from rolling around because of those like grooves that are inside of them. So if I put it right here, it’s not going to roll over unless I move it. So it’s really nice. And this is an extra beer bottle. I’ll just put that right there.

And then in then in the drawer right here is where we keep all of our deli foods. So this is like where the cheeses are kept, the lunch meat, the turkey breast, the ham, there’s this emergency condiments when we run out of real catsup then we go to the backup ones. There is mayonnaise down there. These are always like life-savers when like you run out of a condiment. OK. Sauerkraut and then there’s like – this is pancake mix. There is really nowhere else to put that so that’s why it’s in there.

How to Organize Unstackable Food in the Fridge

And then down here, this is where – this is probably the best tip of the refrigerator. OK. So a lot of times, we buy bags of food that don’t really stack that nicely. Like for example, and do you see how nice this bin slides? I will get to that in a minute. But for example, we buy like bags of lettuce or bags of spinach, bread, or like a thing of ravioli. Like these things don’t really stack that nicely on top of something else and they waste space.

How to Organize Unstackable Food in the Fridge

How to Organize Unstackable Food in the Fridge

So what I did to maximize space because you can see, space is totally maximized because there’s like a one inch gap right here, just enough space so it slides out nicely. What I did was I got this bin and it’s actually a filing tote from The Container Store and I realized that I left the price tag on. It was $6.99 from The Container Store. It’s in the office section. So I got this filing tote to put all the unstackable foods or foods that are difficult to contain and it works beautifully like it’s just the right size for all of our unstackable food and it slides nice and I don’t know. It’s just great. I think that’s the best tip of the refrigerator.

And before I had this whole configuration, I had more bins in here. And then I found that sometimes bins can be constricting. So you only want to have like maybe one large one kind of like this. You don’t want to fill your fridge with all of these bins everywhere. A lot of times you see pictures of organized fridges and they’re all filled with these bins. And while it looks beautiful and it looks uniformed, it’s not really functional.

Ed and I eat a lot of almonds and walnuts so we keep them in the fridge because they last longer in these airtight containers.

Keeping Leftovers Organized

Keeping Leftovers Organized

Keeping Leftovers Organized

So over here is where I keep all of the leftovers or anything I make. So like a fruit salad and ten here is like leftovers from last night’s dinner. And then I put these labels once labels on the outside of the container and then I write the dates of when I made that. So this is chicken I made last night and this was fruit salad from Valentine’s Day.

And what I like about these labels is that you can use a permanent marker to write the label on and then you just erase it and it comes right off. Let me show you where I keep the market and eraser. So I keep the marker and eraser at the top of the fridge. It’s Velcroed here just like that. Here is the marker. It’s a permanent marker. So it’s Super Permanent Ink. And I keep the eraser on this side. Again, it’s Velcroed to the fridge.

So then I come down here and let me show you exactly how this works. OK. So I take the eraser and then I just erase the date once the food is done just like that. It comes right off really easily. And then I take a permanent marker like this is permanent. This each has super permanent on it. Can you guys see that? It says permanent. OK. I take my permanent marker and then I just write my new date on it like when we write today’s date just like that. That’s really sloppy but you guys get the point. So I just change the date every time the content has changed.

And then when I’m done with the marker and done with the eraser, I just go ahead and Velcro it back to the top of the fridge just like this. That one goes there and that one goes there. And when I close the door of the fridge, the marker or the eraser does not interfere like when we show you guys. You see it’s going to close and there’s still like a one inch gap. See? It doesn’t interfere. Like talk about maximizing space, right?

The Grab & Go Drawer

How to Organize the Refrigerator

So here’s where I keep all the fruits and veggies. This is our grab and go drawer. And basically, every time I get back from the grocery store, I will immediately wash, dry, and chop all the vegetables or all of the fruit that we’re going to take for lunch or take on the go. So like celery, grapes, tomatoes. Now, you’re not supposed to keep tomatoes in the fridge but I haven’t really – like I don’t really notice a big difference when I keep them out and they seem to go really fast in our house. So it doesn’t really make a difference for us. But you are supposed to keep them at room temperature outside of the fridge.

Keeping the Fridge Door Organized

Now, let me show you the door. OK. So this is the door of our refrigerator and the door of the refrigerator is the warmest part of the refrigerator so you want to keep all of your condiments and beverages like non-dairy beverages like soda or juices or like some kind of water bottles on the door instead of taking up prime real estate space in the main part of the refrigerator.

Organizing the Refrigerator Door

Organizing the Refrigerator Door

So here’s where I keep all of the butter. There’s nothing really special about that. All the condiments are up on a shelf. So what I do for like the jellies and things that easily get sticky, I put them in a drink koozie. I went to Virginia Tech so my koozies are from Virginia Tech. But I put them in this drink koozie so when the jelly drips down, it drips inside of the koozie and not to the bottom of the jar leaving the jar sticky and then getting the bottom of the shelf sticky. So I do that for both of the jellies.

OK. And then down here is where I have – so there’s beer and then there’s more condiments. And I keep all of the beer in this cardboard carrier because it prevents the bottles from rattling against each other when the door opens and closes. That rattling noise can be annoying so that’s why I keep it inside of this cardboard thing.

Organizing the Refrigerator Door

And then down the bottom is where I keep all of the soda, beverages, and then there’s soy sauce. So you can see that everything is labeled, beverages, condiments, beer, condiments, butter. And you can see my eraser, my marker, juice and yogurt, milk and eggs, wine, dairy foods, fruits and veggies, grab and go.

I didn’t label this whole shelf in general because the stuff kind of switches in and out. So I didn’t want the label to be inaccurate so then I just don’t label the bottom at all. But everything is labeled with a red font on a white label so all the labels kind of standout really nicely.

So again, you want to keep all the stuff that needs to remain the coldest, all the way in the back of the fridge and then the things that don’t really matter as much on the side of the door.

That’s everything inside of my refrigerator. If you have different organizing tips and tricks for the refrigerator or the freezer, I would love to see them. Leave a video response and show me exactly what’s inside your fridge and why you do things a certain way or leave comments below and I look forward to seeing them.

If you want more information on the classes I teach or the programs I have, visit my website at Alejandra.TV. I will see you guys soon. Bye!

About Alejandra

About Alejandra

Since 2008, organizing expert & certified life coach, Alejandra Costello has taught thousands of students in 132 countries how to get organized through her video-based training programs. Her YouTube videos have been viewed 100+ million times. Named 1 of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV and “The Decluttering Queen” by Good Morning America, Alejandra’s expertise has been featured in The New York Times,, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Parents Magazine, and CBS. 


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