Is your wardrobe in disarray because you don’t know what type of hangers to use in the closet? Are your clothes falling off your hangers? There are many options when trying to select the appropriate type of hangers such as felt, velvet, cedar, plastic, and pine. You also have to weigh the cost of upgrading your hangers against your budget and needs. Here’s a very easy and cost-effective organizing tip that may allow you to keep the hangers you have, while keeping your clothes neatly on the hanger, right where you want them.

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Hi, guys. It’s Alejandra and I’m standing here in my closet. And a few of you guys have asked about the type of hangers I use inside my closet so I figured I would do a quick tip on the type of hangers I use and why I use them. But not only that, I want to show you a really quick and easy and cost-effective trick that you can do inside your closet like starting today after you watch this video and it’s going to solve a big problem that a lot of people have.

What Type of Hangers To Use In The Closet

So OK first off, let me tell you the type of hanger I use and why I use it. So I use these wooden hangers and I use all the same hangers inside my closet because nothing can makes me more happy than walking into a closet full of uniformed hangers. Well, other things make me happier but that’s just one thing. When I walk inside my closet and I see all the same type of hanger, I smile and it looks nice and I know that’s totally a cosmetic thing but there is a functional reason or there’s reason why these hangers are more functional than like wire hangers or sometimes plastic hangers.

What Type of Hangers To Use In The Closet #AlejandraTV

What Type of Hangers To Use In The Closet

When you use a wire or sometimes a plastic hanger, the shirt or whatever you’re hanging doesn’t hang as nicely. It creates kind of like a crease in the shoulder or yeah, it creates like a fold that you wouldn’t necessarily get if you use a wooden hanger. So that’s why I like to use these wooden hangers.

So these hangers are from IKEA and I’ve been using these for about six or seven years now and I’ve only had maybe like four or five of the hangers break on me. That’s how durable they are and how sturdy they are. And the part they would break off like in my experience, what breaks off is like this part will come off of this part and you can easily just like nail it back together. So it’s totally a great hanger. I think they come in like a pack of ten and it’s like maybe three or four bucks from IKEA. So again, it’s a good price.

One of the things that I’ve noticed from these hangers and I’m going to show you how to resolve this problem, but one of the things I noticed is since it doesn’t have a grip on the end and it’s not like – it’s a smooth surface, the clothes can just easily fall off the hanger. So let me hang a shirt and show you. And if you have the same problem, I’m going to show you exactly how to fix it.

So you hang the shirt on your hanger and when you’re taking another shirt off the hanger like sometimes this shirt like will fall down kind of like that. And then it’s really annoying to have to go back and pick up the shirt and put it back on the hanger, hang it back up for it to happen all over again, right? Like that happens to a lot of people.

So naturally what people would do is they go out and buy those – it’s the felt-lined, non-slip grip hangers, right? They’re in all the stores. You see them at Target. You see them on Amazon. You see them at Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond. A lot of people have them and those hangers are great because the clothes don’t fall off. I personally don’t like those hangers because I think the clothes, they grip like too much to the hanger making it really hard to take the shirt off the hanger. And if you don’t have that problem then – a lot of people don’t have that problem. Maybe it’s just me. But I don’t like those hangers.

How to Keep Clothes from Sliding off the Hanger

So let me show you what I’ve done to keep these hangers and avoid the shirt falling to the ground. Let me grab the shirt. OK. So what I’ve done is I’ve gotten a rubber band from my office supply drawer. This is kind of like a thicker one, not so much a thin one. And I wrap it around the end of the hanger just like this and then I do the other side also with another rubber band. Just wrap it around and then twist it and then put it like that.

How to Prevent Clothes from Falling Off Hangers #AlejandraTV

And then I put the shirt back on the hanger just like that. I can go like that and go like that and the shirt doesn’t fall of the hanger because now that I’ve added the rubber band, it has created a non-slip grip to this hanger without having to go out and replace all of my hangers out of my closet. And a rubber band literally costs like a penny, two pennies.

And so, it’s a great tip. It’s easy to do, totally affordable. You can watch this video and go to your closet and do the same thing and you will solve the problem of having clothes fall off your hangers.

Anyways, that’s my tip for the day. I will see you guys soon. Bye!

About Alejandra

About Alejandra

Since 2008, organizing expert & certified life coach, Alejandra Costello has taught thousands of students in 132 countries how to get organized through her video-based training programs. Her YouTube videos have been viewed 100+ million times. Named 1 of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV and “The Decluttering Queen” by Good Morning America, Alejandra’s expertise has been featured in The New York Times,, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Parents Magazine, and CBS. 


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